The 9 of Swords

I’ve noticed this card is often neglected in the tarot community, the mental stress overshadowed by more flashy cards like The Tower and Death. Perhaps this is partly because of the risk of being flippant and dismissing a sitter’s/querent’s worries.

This card, which I’m dubbing the “It’s all in your head” card, doesn’t lend itself well to feeling friendly to those of us who have mental health struggles. But here’s the beauty of it.

It IS all in our heads in nearly every account I’ve read(and I looked at six different books). But, despite our anxiety spurring a lack of hope likely mirroring the figure in the cards, there’s action steps we can take to reduce some of that stress, and perhaps minimize some of those worries.

  1. First, tell someone you trust that you’re having these thoughts. They should be able to provide some insight, a new perspective, or at least a sympathetic ear.
  2. Next, go within. Try to meditate a little, and bring some peace and clarity to the situation you’re stressing about. This isn’t something that’ll come easy.
  3. Try to do something action based- as in taking next-steps. Make a list to keep it all sorted out in your head.
  4. The negativity you’re experiencing shows your worst side but remember: Things regardings the situation and people you interact with aren’t quite as they seem. While someone COULD be trying to manipulate you, it’s important to step back and really assess how you’re processing and handling the situation. Let go of that hit of emotion before you assert some dominance over the stressors.
  5. If it runs deeper and is more persistent than a one off, reach out to your doctor. It might not be something you can handle by yourself, and that’s OK. That’s what the professionals are meant for.

Comission a reading from me:

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